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JRB is famous for Team Training. What makes us different: Training isn't limited to one class. It's a comprehensive education, preparing your staff to run a successful business lending program. Before any training begins we do a complete analysis of your staff's experience and expertise. Training is "learn by doing," with personal, hands-on guidance. We also believe executive management's involvement is critical at some point, even though they don't handle the day-to-day.

Training is available in one-day and multi-day sessions, for groups and individuals. We also offer ongoing training reviews, refreshers and updates to keep you apprised of best practices and regulatory changes. We'll be there as long as you need us. Like all our programs, training is based on client needs. Here are some most-requested subjects:

  • SBA loan program guidelines and eligibility
  • Writing comprehensive loan memorandums
  • Underwriting and business financial statement analysis
  • Packaging, processing and documentation
  • Business development
  • Sales skills and marketing strategies

Building a Sales Culture

In today’s financial environment, the most successful business lending programs have the entire organization committed to a business lending sales culture. In fact, embracing a sales culture in every position and in every department – from the top down and the bottom up – and having a strategic plan of operations is critical to success. This includes having clearly defined operational processes, staff responsibilities, trained staff, and written job descriptions and policies and procedures – and a plan of operations designed to earn maximum profits for your business lending program and achieving your organization’s strategic objectives.

At JRB, we have the know-how, the experience, and the capacity to do just that. Working in cooperation with your staff, we’ll design and implement a customized program to turn your business lending department into a high-performance sales team – and create a business lending sales culture throughout your organization. Contact JRB


JRB's Marketing Program is designed for lenders who are serious about business lending. The objectives: Producing knowledgeable, motivated employees while generating more commercial loans, increased deposits and increased fee income. The key to success: Total organizational commitment to a business services sales culture and a strategic plan of operations to achieve its goals.

We begin with a marketing and business analysis, identifying your organization's opportunities and obstacles in bringing your products and services to market. The JRB Team then designs and implements a customized, comprehensive marketing program with built-in checkpoints for analysis. Our Marketing Program elements include:

  • Direct marketing
  • Community relations
  • Advertising
  • Incentive programs
  • Sales material
  • Website and email campaigns
  • Lead generation
  • Seminars

We welcome the opportunity to create your unique Marketing Program! Contact JRB


Taking good to great: You might have a successful lending program. Yet you know you could have a great program with guidance in a specific area. Or you might need to make core systems adjustments to add SBA and business lending to your product line.

JRB provides targeted consulting for lenders needing assistance with these issues:

  • Lending systems analysis or upgrades
  • Lending policy review and development
  • Procedural review and development
  • Secondary market sales techniques and strategies
  • Servicing, workout plans and liquidation
  • PLP application and expansions

If you need expertise to correct a specific deficiency, we can provide onsite expertise, training or consulting to get your program running smoothly. We also have alliances with companies like eDocs-Express to provide coverage in areas requiring specialized services. Contact JRB


Putting the right people in the right places: It's never been more important. Bringing qualified, competent staff on board is vital to running a successful business lending operation. J.R. Bruno regularly helps lenders locate and interview candidates for these positions:

  • Lending Executives
  • Loan Officers
  • Loan Closers
  • Loan Processors
  • Loan Servicers
  • Business Development Officers

If expansion, mergers or downsizing have left you shorthanded, we can help you find the right employees. We can also provide input on who to hire, what questions to ask, and how much to compensate. Don't leave it to chance. Contact JRB

"We're very pleased with the results of our recent CPA Continuing Education Credits presentation. Presented by J.R. Bruno & Associates, the program provided CPAs with valuable information about SBA lending and how it might benefit their clients. We received positive response from the CPAs, and we've been invited to give this presentation to two additional CP offices. This program and the quality of the presentation were excellent."

Gary L. Nudell, Executive Vice President, Chief Credit Officer
First Commerce Bank