Ask the Experts! Monthly Series Laser-Focused on One Topic Each Session


This Thursday, December 10 ⸴ 1 p.m. Eastern ∙ Noon Central ⸴ 10 a.m. Pacific

Thanks to everyone who joined our first 504 Webinar series! If you missed a session or want a refresh, everything is archived, audio tapes included, on the JRB Website. Go to How We Connect and click on Webinars.

WHAT’S NEW WITH 504? ASK THE EXPERTS! We’re off and running!! Ask the Experts! is our new 504 Webinar series of 30-minute sessions, led by the three of us and focusing on one topic. Session Format: Some “same old, same old,” and some “new and improved” differences.

Ask the Experts! Here’s a recap:

  • Monthly 30-minute sessions. Beginning November 19. Sessions on the 3rd Thursday each month except for December 10. More sessions added for breaking news.
  • More interaction. You’ll get Power Points in advance allowing you time to prepare your questions. Write your questions in the Chat Room during each session and we’ll answer in real time. Didn’t get your question covered? We’ll email you after the session.
  • Tuesday advance eAlerts. On the Tuesday before each session. Just like always.
  • Register once. Get access to all Sessions. Still the same.
  • Free Webinars. Still free of charge.

We look forward to your joining us for Ask the Experts!

Richard, Jeffrey Jan Garlitz, Sandy Mortan