Building America with 504 loans!

We support the growth of the 504 lending and Community Advantage programs. And we’re committed to helping your CDC grow in expertise and volume. When J.R. Bruno handles your back office issues, CDC staff can focus on what they do best: Make loans for business expansion. JRB Associate Richard Jeffrey’s expertise in the CDC industry is well known. He’s been in the industry since 1982 and involved with the 504 program since its inception. Richard Jeffrey’s expertise makes him a great match with JRB – and important to offering our services to CDCs nationwide.

Serving non-bank lenders

At JRB, we have served the non-bank business lending community since our inception. We have the expertise, the ability and range of services in every area of business lending to produce profitable results for experienced lenders and those just entering the market. Importantly for new lenders, our expertise enables us to shorten the learning curve and train lenders on the ins and outs of working with businesses and building relationships with their local business communities.



The benefits of having J.R. Bruno as our back office:

  • High degree of expertise
  • Able to provide more than one person in developing the bank’s program, i.e., team approach
  • Increases capability and contacts within the SBA
  • Brings substantial amount of experience and is current with the existing trends and philosophies of the SBA program.

Wayne Lewis, Senior Vice President
Bank of Granada Hills

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