So what do we do?

Short answer: We help lenders nationwide create and maintain profitable SBA and business lending departments. Concerned about SBA eligibility? Stuck on the fine points of credit memos? Filing an SBA application? We’ve got it covered. Our clients can choose from a full range of services, from one service such as underwriting assistance or loan packaging to the whole enchilada. We’ll get you started. And we’ll keep you going.

Our major focus: SBA. We’re long-time supporters of SBA lending as a profitable line of business for lenders of all sizes and experience. We’re expert at SBA lending – with a focus on 7(a) and Express Loans, the 504 and Community Advantage programs – and are a nationwide SBA Lender Service Provider (LSP). Whatever your needs, we tailor our services to meet them.

We’re known for our underwriting expertise! In fact, many JRB clients rely on us to assist them with every loan application. Our capability includes a complete analysis of the request including a finished credit memo. We begin with a pre-screen of the initial credit when the application is received. We check for eligibility issues as well as credit and documentation. Based on the pre-screen, we recommend an SBA-eligible program for the request.

After your institution approves a credit, JRB reviews all due diligence and third-party reports the SBA requires. Our Team prepares the full loan package for submission to the SBA, including creating the critical Authorization to ensure SBA compliance.

JRB offers three types of loan reviews: A pre-closing review is designed to ensure full compliance with regulations prior to closing. The post-closing review examines the loan file after all documentation has been recorded and final reports received – and again checks for all guaranty requirements. A portfolio review checks a portion of your loan files for compliance and guaranty issues and summarizes findings in a final report.

It happens. Issues arise. At JRB, portfolio management is a specialty. We can review and assist in managing servicing and other portfolio issues to ensure SBA compliance. Assistance includes tickler systems, Colson Service reports and balancing, along with general follow up items. If a problem comes up, we can assist in workouts and liquidations including submission requests for payment of the guaranty.

Team Training? We’re famous for it. What makes us different: We help new SBA teams get on board and keep new and experienced lenders updated on new issues and regulations. First, we analyze your business lending goals, corporate culture and your team’s experience and expertise. Next comes a team orientation covering the scope of SBA lending, with ongoing refreshers as needed.

A successful business lending department has clearly defined policies and procedures, smooth-running operations, a well-trained staff with responsibilities defined in written job descriptions, and a strategic plan to achieve its goals. A JRB Workflow & Efficiency Study will help ensure just that.

Serious about SBA lending? We can help identify opportunities in your community to extend the reach of your marketing efforts. From your perspective, one way or another, everyone is responsible for marketing your products … from call centers, to tellers, to management, to your executives and your board of directors. Everybody needs to be on board!

Got questions about SBA Lending?