I’m a “look forward” kind of person, so reflecting on the past isn’t really my thing. But I guess my 5-plus years with J.R. Bruno & Associates gives me a reason. It’s been an amazing ride. I’m still happily on board – and charging ahead!

I joined JRB in December 2012, coming in from the client side, with 25 years of business lending management experience. One of the things I enjoyed most in my banking career was training successful lending teams, putting processes in place, and communicating the importance of the documentation required to protect the lender. My motto was “We are the last line of defense.” If I’m being honest, the best part was coming in and helping to “fix” departments that needed some help. All this parlayed well into my move to JRB.

As clients, we got outstanding support from JRB. In addition to regular processes and procedures, JRB’s expertise was invaluable in areas many lenders rarely deal with, such as liquidations, workouts and charge-offs. My decision to join JRB was easy.

Here’s what I do. At JRB, my training in processing and servicing SBA loans “the right way” as a client, allows me to take the processes that worked and assist our clients to do the same thing. And having worked for several lenders and experiencing multiple ways lenders’ internal processes can be set up, I can adapt to the different ways our clients operate and blend easily into their processes. I make sure that all processes and required procedures are covered so nothing falls through the cracks.

Here’s what I love. I love working with our clients, especially teaching and helping build processes within SBA departments. I also enjoy the variety in our client base, from project management to training, to organizing departments and processes, to assisting with difficult issues. Those discussions about challenging and complex deals keep our JRB Team and clients fresh and excited about the program. My job at JRB is never boring and the fast and ever-changing pace is what I thrive on.

Within JRB, I really value the camaraderie between JRB associates and the dedication to teamwork. I also love making a difference and seeing the fruits of our team’s labors as our clients grow in their knowledge of SBA. And importantly for me, being a resource for our clients and providing that needed support is really rewarding.

Over the years, I’ve seen many changes and much growth in the economy and the business lending environment. Among them are SOP changes, enhancements and clarifications of SBA rules, streamlined processes, new requirements implemented, and the “birth” of SBA One and its continued enhancements.

So, thanks to all of you who allow me to do what I love every day. Here’s to continuing the ride!

Lori McCausland
Senior Associate